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Available to travel to your home or workspace for treatment. Click on "book it" to send me an email and set up a session designed to suit your individual needs. 


60 min | $120

Reiki is an energetic, spiritual practice of balancing and restoring the body and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage

60 min | $135


90 min I $190

Therapeutic Massage targets specific areas of discomfort with specialized techniques.

Swedish Massage

60 min | $120

90 min I $165

Swedish Massage is a relaxing, gentle method of massage.



Deep Tissue Massage

60 min | $155


90 min | $215

Deep Tissue Massage  is a deep massage using heavier pressure and more varied therapeutic techniques than Swedish Massage.



Sports Massage

60 min | $135


90 min | $190

Sports Massage is for the physically active, especially before or after athletic events to enhance and support the body's performance.

Shiatsu Massage

90 min | $200

120 min | $240

This offering is coming soon!



In addition to the services listed above, I frequently design custom wellness packages for my clients in order to suit their individual needs. Please contact me to let me know what you are looking for, and we will work together to determine the best course of therapy for you.


Available for corporate bookings. Click here for details.

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